September 18, 2014

A breakthrough! A writing method that works for me! [I hope :) ]

Writing is the beast that has been chasing me around for the last month. I’ve really struggled with finding a way to organise literature that I am supposed to review, and finding a way to focus on it without getting either overwhelmed or distracted.

I’ve been trying to use a plain text editor to focus my efforts, and I invested in Byword due to its ability to work across my Mac and i-devices, however it seemed it was a touch too minimalist to work properly. I then distracted myself with evaluations of tools such as Scrivener and Ulysses 3, however this was just more yak shearing in action (I can’t write without the proper tools!), so I decided to see what I could do with what I have – and I’m back to Byword.

So this is the layout that I’m going with at the moment. I’m working for 4 weeks in the Academic Writing Club to try and have a degree of accountability, and have started off with small goals.

Here is my layout and thoughts behind my approach. I’m putting it here as a reminder to myself, as well as a useful reference for anyone that is stuck as well. I use Sente for PDF/article management, but any tool that allows you to tag your articles (eg. Mendeley, Endnote) could be used in a similar fashion to the second screen shot below.

Hopefully I’ll have something good (aka actual writing) to show my supervisors in 10 days or so.

Writing in Byword – a useful screen layout

(click on the screenshot below to see a larger version)


Focusing in Sente – using tagging to create a useful view that doesn’t overwhelm or distract

(click on the screenshot below to see a larger version)


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