September 16, 2014

Standing Desk – the trial ends

I had been testing a standing desk arrangement, and had my iMac precariously perched on top of a lap desk (on top of my existing desk) to determine whether a standing desk arrangement was for me.

Turns out it is… and even though it can be quite tiring, it seems to be totally worth it. I’ve adjusted some activities to accommodate periods of sitting and standing. The result is that I sleep and feel a whole lot better, with fewer aches and pains. This means that I can concentrate more.

As a result I’ve changed the arrangement to a more permanent structure. The pussycats may have some issues with it initially, as it eats into their lounging real estate, but it is allowing me to find a more permanent home for a number of items that used to be strewn across my desk.

Here is the new configuration.


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