I find with the myriad of stud that needs checking, verifying, and with my teaching load that there are a whole bunch of tasks that seem to slip through the cracks. 

I tried putting follow ups on my calendar, or in an electronic to do list, but the to do list just became nag-ware that I ended up ignoring or disabling, and my calendar became too cluttered and I’d stop referring to it for appointments. Basically email and other reminders were cluttering and overwhelming other perfectly useful tools.

For the most part if have a simple hand-written to do list (on my ipad – I use Notability) for the stuff on my radar for the next 7-10 days (sorted into ‘Today’, ‘Tomorrow’, and ‘Done’. However when it goes beyond that, or I need to “snooze” email messages, Follow Up Then has been my go-to email reminder service.

For the record, I do not get any royalties for recommending this service… It’s just been so useful that I’ve paid for the Personal Premium account. It’s ability to set recurring reminders, track tasks (it’ll nag you til it’s done) and ability to handle attachments (premium version) have become essential to managing my own time and ensuring fewer things slip through the cracks.