Export from Sente to Scrivener
March 26, 2015

Using Notes from Sente

One of the biggest concerns I had about Sente was being able to use the notes that I had taken in Sente in a practical way. In using Word or Byword as the main writing tool for writing, this generally meant keeping Sente and the program open, with flicking back and forth between them. While I had identified a way to make this work, it was starting to get cumbersome, and unwieldy with long documents.

A number of people that do PhD research would be familiar with the Thesis Whisperer, and the program Scrivener that is often referred to on that blog. I have been trialling it, and finally bit the bullet and bought a copy. I’m still learning some of its peculiarities, however to get up and running with it and be functional from Day 1 is very straightforward.

I did still have this issue of flicking back and forward between Scrivener and Sente.

Fortunately a script has been developed to export notes from Sente to Scrivener, and there is a handy youtube video to quickly guide you through the script use.

Export from Sente to Scrivener

Worth checking out if you are looking at integrating a process for software that may not be as commonly used as Evernote. Sente is still my preferred PDF management app, and I’m glad that I’ve found ways to use that information from one program to another in a good flow with less repetition.




Writing is the beast that has been chasing me around for the last month. I’ve really struggled with finding a way to organise literature that I am supposed to review, and finding a way to focus on it without getting either overwhelmed or distracted.

I’ve been trying to use a plain text editor to focus my efforts, and I invested in Byword due to its ability to work across my Mac and i-devices, however it seemed it was a touch too minimalist to work properly. I then distracted myself with evaluations of tools such as Scrivener and Ulysses 3, however this was just more yak shearing in action (I can’t write without the proper tools!), so I decided to see what I could do with what I have – and I’m back to Byword.

So this is the layout that I’m going with at the moment. I’m working for 4 weeks in the Academic Writing Club to try and have a degree of accountability, and have started off with small goals.

Here is my layout and thoughts behind my approach. I’m putting it here as a reminder to myself, as well as a useful reference for anyone that is stuck as well. I use Sente for PDF/article management, but any tool that allows you to tag your articles (eg. Mendeley, Endnote) could be used in a similar fashion to the second screen shot below.

Hopefully I’ll have something good (aka actual writing) to show my supervisors in 10 days or so.

Writing in Byword – a useful screen layout

(click on the screenshot below to see a larger version)


Focusing in Sente – using tagging to create a useful view that doesn’t overwhelm or distract

(click on the screenshot below to see a larger version)